8ply 100% Mohair Cord Solid Colors

Body of the cinch and breast collar

2ply 100% Mohair Cord Solid Colors

Accent/ design of cinch and breast collar

8ply (body) 100% Mohair Cord Twist

Body of the cinch and breast collar

2ply 100% Mohair Cord Twist

Accent/ design of cinch and breast collar

100% Mohair Cord Sparkle

Available in 8ply (body) & 2ply(design)

100% Mohair Cord Multicolored

Available in 8ply (body) & 2ply(design)

I have now started to dye my own mohair and multicolored. The colors pictured below are the dye colors that I have in stock. Some computer and phone screens might show the color a little differently than what it actually is so please keep that in mind. One awesome feature about mohair is that it takes dye really well.

Please remember that multicolored mohair is hand dyed and will never look exactly the same. So, if you see a color combination on a breast collar or cinch that you like, it might not turn out exactly meaning the colors might and line up exactly like it does on the completed product.

You can choose up to three different colors of multicolored mohair.

If you are wanting a multicolored cord please email me: jumpingjokermohair@hotmail.com or contact me on Facebook. Thank you.

Examples of multicolored mohair:

Left: Bright Aqua, Caribbean Blue & Spearmint Breeze

Right: Spearmint Breeze, Purple Pop & Fluorescent Fuchsia

Left: Fluorescent Fuchsia, Blazing Orange & Spearmint Breeze

Right (sprinkled): Fire Engine Red, Brilliant Yellow & Caribbean Blue