Why Mohair?

  • It is a natural fiber from the angora goat.
  • It's nickname is the "Diamond Fiber" as it is both durable and resilient.
  • Great for horses with sensitive skin.
  • Wicks moisture away from your horse.
  • Strong and breathable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Prevents cinch sores.
  • It is naturally flexible.
  • Comfortable and strong.
  • Allows freedom of movement for your horse while keeping saddle secure.

Honestly the only con about mohair is that it is expensive! If you see a cinch in the store costing $75.00 or less, then it most likely is not 100% mohair. It might have some mohair but it is also blended with other materials which means you will not get the full benefits that 100% mohair provides.