8 ply Mohair Cord

8 ply is the body of the cinch and breast collar.

2 ply Mohair Cord

2 ply is the design/ accent color.

Our cinches are made on a weaving frame, the 100% mohair cinch will be a little shorter than the size you ordered as it will stretch to the actual size once on your horse. For example: if you ordered a 32" cinch, it will relax approximately one inch when not on your horse. Please refer to the picture below. It is a 32" cinch and you can see how short it will be when not on the horse.

How to measure for a Cinch

If you already have a cinch that you use and like the placement on your horse, you can measure your current cinch from the top of the cinch buckle to the other top of the cinch buckle to determine the length.

If you are unsure on what size to order, I suggest that you put the saddle and saddle pad that you normally use and place them on your horse as if you were going to saddle up. Then take a piece of rope or twine and run it from one side of the rigging, around your

horses barrel and to the rigging on the other side. Make sure that the twine/rope should be around your horses barrel as how you would want the cinch to be placed. The general idea is to have the cinch be around 8" below the rigging; unless the rigging is dropped, then you would want about 5-6" below. You also want to factor in where the cinch is and your horses elbow. You do not want the buckle to pinch the elbow either. Once you decide how low you want the cinch buckle to be below the rigging, take your overall measurement and minus the number below the rigging. Let's say your overall number is 48" and you want the cinch buckle to be 8" below the rigging. You would do 48 - 16(8"on each side of the horse) = 32".

If you are measuring for a pony/ mini, please take in mind that 8" below the rigging might not work and be too low. You can still place the saddle and pad on the pony/ mini and see how far below the rigging you can go before interferring with the elbow.

Please visit our Cinch Pricing Page for more information.


Disclaimer: I, Katie Ojanen, carefully manufacture and inspect each item before it is sent out to customer. Please thoroughly inspect your tack before each use for loose strands, wear or damaged buckles. Mohair is hardy but it will not last forever and Jumping Joker Mohair is not responsible to replace or refund you for your damaged, misused, lost, caught, chewed, worn out tack.

Please follow the care instructions you will receive with your product. Know how to correctly use, attach product and inspect each time before use.  If you are unsure on how to use the product, please contact us so we can further assist you before you use the product.

Jumping Joker Mohair will not claim any liability or responsibility for mis-use or mis-care of our products.

Any equine activity including horseback riding can be a potentially dangerous activity.